Our Journey

We are committed to offering every one of our clients an exceptionally high level of care and attention, with a view to building long-lasting trust-based relationships.

Our Journey

On December 15, 2015, Amon Group established AMG Insure Broker Company Limited, operating a non-life insurance broker business with a registered capital of 2 million baht, mainly serves customers of Amorn Group with a focus on Motor Insurance. The full scope of service covers from insurance consulting, insurance policy management to claim services.

Later at the year 2018, the company has further changed the concept of business to increase potential service and has expanded the types of insurance policies to meet the needs of various customers as the trend of insurance business has also changed.

Therefore, in September 2018, the company changed its structure to be in line with the highly competitive business situation. The main working team is divided into 4 divisions, namely, Commercial & Consumers, Corporate Solutions, Employee Health and Benefits and Claim Services which the company has adjusted and added more qualified personnel who has high experience and expertise in various types of insurance.

The company also increased its registered capital to 5 million baht to increase the level of trust and confidence with customers and business partners. The company has signed additional insurance brokerage deals with more than 30 insurance companies to provide more alternatives to customers.

In addition, the company has developed the IBOS (Insurance Broker Back Office System) to provide greater flexibility and efficiency in day-to-day operation as well as providing training courses to employees to help build more knowledge and expertise.

In May 2019, the company received a life insurance broker license from OIC which help increase our capability of expanding the customer base in the life insurance sector so result in supporting the sustainable growth of the company. The company also has other operational plans in the future that will help the company to be stable and have more business growth, for example, requesting a Reinsurance License to operate the reinsurance business and creating the AMG Sales Monitoring System (TouchBoard) as a sales and marketing tool.

However, the company still maintains the standards of quality service and social responsibility as well as customers and partners at all levels and keep developing a relationship with business partners to create mutual business growth. The company is committed to develop a business process to boost its competitiveness, which will be a help for Thailand’s overall insurance business further growth.