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In today’s global economy, every company faces the very real risk of managing credit and counterparty exposure. Be it manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers; accounts receivables is usually the largest uninsured asset on the balance sheet. For some, it is the primary source of revenue. Economic downturn, commodity pricing volatility and increasingly changing political situations around the world, make it even more important for companies to adapt and secure their trade receivables and better their credit management systems. AMG understand the markets and the needs of clients and work with you to better manage your balance sheet risk by offering customized solutions for trade credit insurance policies. “HELP PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS AGAINST THE POTENTIAL MISFORTUNES OF YOUR CUSTOMERS” If you trade or sell goods on a credit basis, you’re at risk of bad debt or non-payment by customers. This can disrupt your cashflow and leave you out of pocket. Trade credit insurance is essential to protect your income and business asse ts against pot ential cus tomer failure. With the right cover, you can grow your business confidently, knowing you’re protected if things go wrong. THE BENEFITS OF TRADE CREDIT INSURANCE...

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Company directors are required to act in the best interest of the business and are therefore under immense pressure to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Even with the best intentions, mistakes do happen and as the company director you may be left personally liable for allegations of a breach of duty or wrongful acts. At AMG, we understand the liability risks that business directors and officers are exposed to. That's why our expert insurance brokers are here to deliver corporate risk advice and a smart, tailored insurance solution to cover you, not just your business. Directors & Officers (D&O) will protect organizations and directors against allegations and liability lawsuits relating to: Breach of legal dutyEmployment practicesErrors of judgment, even if innocently madeFailure to protect interests of shareholdersReporting errorsFailure to discloseMisrepresentationAntitrust or deceptive business practicesCompliance failureFailure to disclose conflicts of interests In your position, you may be exposed to claims brought against you by: SHAREHOLDERS (including actions of merger and acquisition disputes, financial performance, bankruptcy, executive compensation, stock or public offerings, conflict of interest, inadequate or inaccurate disclosure and financial reporting) EMPLOYEES (including claims for wrongful dismissal, harassment or failure...

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Today, the liability of exporters has increased worldwide. Everywhere, consumers are becoming more aware of their rights and are quicker to exercise those rights by filing product liability suits against exporters, manufacturers, processors. Just one claim could put a severe financial strain on your business - and could even lead to the collapse of the company. In fact, merely the cost of defending an "unsubstantiated“ claim against you can cost several million dollars. “Don’t let one faulty product destroy your entire business” WHAT IS PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE? Product liability coverage provides protection against bodily injury and property damage losses arising out of some defect in the product you sold, manufactured or distributed. Product liability insurance may also provide coverage for claims arising from damages due to providing inadequate instruction for use of the product or a failure to warn on your product label. LISTED BELOW ARE A FEW EXAMPLES OF PARTIES THAT MAY BE EXPOSED TO A PRODUCT LIABILITY CLAIM: The product manufacturer, importer, or distributor;A manufacturer of component parts;A party that assembles or installs the product;The wholesaler; andThe retail store that sold the product to the consumer YOU CAN...

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