How we work

Businesses and personal clients face a variety of differing risks and objectives when it comes to insurance cover, our service does not stop once you become our customer, it starts.

We help our clients to create insurance and risk management solutions by applying appropriate client-centred design methods along with a framework for successful delivery of services into live. We work with our clients, offering a tailored solution to their need by encompassing all aspects of strategy, design, transition and operation using understanding of client’s risk profile and objectives.

We start with the discovery phase, investing time with clients to understand their business and every single risk that impacts it, recognize and describe risks that might affect your business or its outcomes. There are a number of techniques we can use to find business risks. We gather lots of information, existing risk management and mitigation program, some challenging and put ourselves in client’s shoes.

The definition stage, in which we pull everything together and try to make sense of all the possibilities identified in the Discovery phase. Defines the Risk and Opportunities including uninsured risks and perform strategic assessments to determine strategic fit. What risk stands out? What matters most, risk management, risk mitigation, or risk transfer?

We will assist clients to review and quantify risks which could have an impact on client’s Balance Sheet. The process prioritizes risks in terms of likelihood and impact, assists clients to identify, quantify and rank the organization’s risks.

The process AMG will undertake involves detailed commentary against your key identified risks as to the current insurance arrangements and other potential solutions. Provides a measurement of insurance coverage against identified risks which results in a ‘Risk versus Insurance’ gap summary.

The design stage is where our creative solutions, ideas or concepts are created with options by using risk data analysis. This is also referred to as Risk Response Planning. During this step you assess your highest ranked risks and set out a plan to treat or modify these risks to achieve acceptable risk levels.

Designs and tests the most appropriate risk transfer solutions, how can we minimize the probability of the negative risks as well as enhancing the opportunities? We are able to create risk mitigation strategies, preventive plans and contingency plans in this step. And you add the risk treatment measures for the highest ranking or most serious risks to this Design Stage. We often involve clients to share the direction of our thoughts and ideas before we move to Deliver stage.

The final part of our process is the delivery stage, where the resulting risk solution is finalized, produced, launched, review, monitor, track and evaluated. This may involve pulling in a range of specialist resources, colleagues and partners into our team to help deliver the solution of risk management, risk mitigation, risk transfer and comprehensive insurance placement at the optimum price.

Risk solutions that have been implemented must be reviewed, and, if necessary, revised to make sure they work as planned. We should review risk solutions:

  • the solution is no longer effective
  • a change that is likely to give risk to a new or different risk
  • a new hazard is identified
  • if consultation indicates a review is necessary