Group Companies

BMW Amorn Prestige is the authorized BMW dealer in Thailand, established with great passion for automobiles and founded on trust, integrity, and respect to procure quality of service and carry out professional repairs. Our mission is to maximize satisfaction among our current customers and invite new customers to come experience BMW’s advanced technologies, the commitment to our clients is to give a quality of service that builds long-standing relationships.

Amorn Warranty

Amorn Warranty is a family owned known as “Benz Amorn Ratchada” and operated as a leading operator in pre-owned Mercedes Benz and BMW retailer in Thailand. Since its initial established in 1966, Amorn Warranty has grown to become the largest pre-owned Mercedes Benz and BMW dealership in Thailand. The company has achieved its success through a strategy that leverages management experience and emphasizes geographic and brand diversity, interrelated revenue streams, operational efficiencies and the prudent deployment of capital.

We are conveniently to buy, sell and trade pre-owned vehicles. You can find the car which fulfills your needs and expectations with our excellent vehicles and customer service. We offer a large variety of vehicles fitting everybody’s budget and desires at competitive prices. It’s our goal to assist you to find the best car, provide you perfect car buying experience and the most important; excellent car ownership experience. Amorn Warranty considers customer satisfaction to be our highest priority.

AMR Autopart and Service(Star Serv)

Star Serv is a full-service automotive solutions company and Mobil1 authorized distributor which has earned a reputation for providing reliable service and sound counsel for all its customers various auto repairs and service needs. We extend you advantage of service centers, with skilled and trained technicians to provide total reliability and excellent value of money.

Star Serv was started by Amorn group in 2000, we ran the shop with the highest ethics and the sincerest customer service for many years. Star Serv team is highly skilled engineers, staffs, technicians and front liners, this ensures delivery of our services and products to the highest professional and efficiency resulting to highest customer satisfaction level.

Amorn Vision (AV)

Amorn Vision, the company was founded in 1996, the company works with more than one program for an extraordinarily diverse clientele, including major corporations, nonprofit organizations, universities, museums, TV Channels, advertising and public relations agencies, national sports franchises and many others.

We are specialists for prolific all-round TV production company with over 10 years experience, provide professional service for various events, commercials production and video presentations. Our strengths are flexibility, creativity, interdisciplinary expertise and innovation. We work professionally, quickly and efficiently – always at the highest level, delivering high production value for your TV production. Our team of talented and highly experienced professionals know how to achieve the very best results on time and within your budget, every time.

Amorn Ratchada 1966 (Vespa Amorn)

Amorn Ratchada 1966 started its operation in 2010, the authorized dealer of Vespa Thailand. With innovative marketing initiatives and dedicated customers friendly approach. Amorn Ratchada 1966 not only provides quality products but also insure strong offers sales, service and availability of genuine spares parts.