Develop and design your risk management and insurance program.

Far too often insurance is placed by clients without understanding their risk profile, appetite and tolerance capability. At AMG, we take time to design and implement the most appropriate optimum risk financing solution for our clients. We recognize the procurement of insurance is essential for many companies, but it is important to ensure insurance delivers value for money and does not unnecessarily erode working capital if not required.

Once the Risk Identification and Assessment is carried out, it serves as a guide to structuring the insurance program according to your real needs; this structure is incorporated into the policies to be issued.

This phase is key since it is a question of synchronizing the risks you face with the coverages, extensions and clauses offered in the market. The experience of AMG team assigned to carry out this task is of vital importance. We structure in a professional manner the products that best fit the individual needs of each client. We have specialized areas that allow us to be analyzed and evaluate the hazards that could be covered under the various policies available.