Marine & Logistics

Marine Cargo

From origin to destination, we’ll source relevant and cost-effective cover to keep your goods protected. If your business imports, distributes, manufactures or exports any finished product or component then you need Marine Cargo Insurance. Marine Cargo Insurance provides cover for physical loss or damage to goods while in transit by sea, air and land in connection with import / export and domestic shipping, scope of cover includes loading and unloading, transit and delivery, trans-shipment, storage and salvage charges. Goods commonly covered under this policy are machinery, equipment, raw materials, finished goods, etc. AMG is able to tailor and arrange the appropriate cover in providing your business with high-level protection against risks during the delivery of goods and merchandise, from the time your goods leave and arrive at its destination.

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Marine Hull And Machinery

Continuing change in global dynamics and rising demand for imported goods, not only brings long term growth opportunities but can also bring with it a number of risks for marine businesses. Marine Hull and Machinery Insurance protects the Assured’s economic interest in the ship and its equipment’s capital value by covering the cost of damage repairs and total loss. In addition to protection against physical damage to the vessel, Marine Hull and Machinery can also extend to the Assured’s collision liability arising from contact with another vessel or liability related to striking fixed or floating objects. The insurance will also cover the Assured’s sue and labour expenses, salvage costs and general average costs.

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Goods In Transit

Did you know that when the goods leave your control, they are subject to numerous risks from which they were protected in your warehouse? Did you know that you may be responsible to your customers until the goods are delivered to their warehouse? This covers loss of or damage to the insured goods arising from theft, fire, impact or overturning of the conveying vehicle whilst in transit or in the course of loading or unloading or whilst temporarily housed in course of transit. The policy may be arranged on per consignment basis or on an annual basis. (Single/ Annual Basis). Under the annual form of arrangement, the insured needs to specify the limit carrying (limit of compensation per accident) and also make a good estimate of the total annual carryings. As an established, independent insurance broker, the AMG team will take time to understand your business. We will be able to recommend what levels of cover could be most appropriate. We have access to a range of policies from a number of leading Insurers, meaning we can arrange cover that suits your business needs.

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