Financial & Professional

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability

Company directors are required to act in the best interest of the business and are therefore under immense pressure to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Even with the best intentions, mistakes do happen and as the company director you may be left personally liable for allegations of a breach of duty or wrongful acts. At AMG, we understand the liability risks that business directors and officers are exposed to. That's why our expert insurance brokers are here to deliver corporate risk advice and a smart, tailored insurance solution to cover you, not just your business. Directors & Officers (D&O) will protect organizations and directors against allegations and liability lawsuits relating to: Breach of legal dutyEmployment practicesErrors of judgment, even if innocently madeFailure to protect interests of shareholdersReporting errorsFailure to discloseMisrepresentationAntitrust or deceptive business practicesCompliance failureFailure to disclose conflicts of interests POLICY FEATURES Cover litigation brought by stakeholders against directors and officers where there has been an allegation of a breach of duty or breach of law.Respond to litigation arising out of a broad range of business activities including IPO or other debt or equity initiatives, M&A, financial reporting &...

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Professional Indemnity

In today’s litigious society, claims against companies and individuals for breach of professional duty resulting in a financial loss are becoming more commonplace. Regardless of your level of experience, mistakes can happen. You may unintentionally breach privacy, make an error of judgement or provide incorrect advice. Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to provide you and your company with financial protection when claims of this nature arise. It will give you peace of mind when providing advice to your clients. That's why AMG will work hard to deliver expert risk advice, unrivalled service and the placement of a smart, tailor-made Professional Indemnity policy to protect you and your business should something unexpected happen. Who needs professional indemnity insurance? Any business or individual providing advice or design to their clients should consider a professional indemnity insurance policy. This includes: LawyersAccountantsEngineersArchitectsConsultantsProject managersMedical providersBrokersValuersInvestment advisers or managersReal estate agentsSoftware and website designers Let us work with you to arrange the best possible cover at the most competitive price.

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Terrorism & Political Violence

With worldwide terrorist activities increasing in frequency and severity, never has the need been so great for Terrorism cover to be bought to protect your assets, interests and Liabilities. As your broker, we will negotiate the most competitive terms on your behalf in all major insurance markets. Our team has excellent technical knowledge, plus a deep understanding of the risks you face and how best to protect them with secure high-quality risk carriers. AMG offer coverage for standalone terrorism risks providing commercial and industrial risks with protection against physical damage, business interruption and liability losses from terrorist attack and this can be extended to include: SabotageRiots, Strikes and/or Civil CommotionMalicious DamageInsurrection, Revolution or RebellionMutiny and/or Coup d’EtatWar and/or Civil WarTerrorism Liability

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