We provides comprehensive coverage solutions for environmental risks. With our extensive knowledge of the environmental market, we are able to provide risk management along with detailed form analysis and coverage comparisons to our clients


As our society grows ever more environmentally aware, a far broader range of businesses face new and often previously unseen environmental damage risks as a result of their day to day operations. Property owners, manufacturers and service firms all have a potential exposure to environmental liability insurance issues. Most general liability policies exclude pollution absolutely.

Environmental Liability Insurance has been developed as a solution to protect your business from this emerging risk.


  • Covers both Sudden & Accidental and Gradual Pollution incidents.
  • Applicable to various businesses including those in the industrial or commercial sectors
  • Pre-existing or new conditions coverage can be offered together or separately.
  • Coverage for transport-related pollution liability. Cover for business interruption.
  • Cover for business interruption.
  • Defence Costs in addition to the Limits

AMG has excellent relationships with the major specialized insurance companies of this field, both in locally and internationally, and can therefore provide the most suitable, bespoke insurance solutions for such complex and potentially detrimental damages.