Commercial & Consumers

Personal Lines

AMG’s Commercial & Consumers service combines quality insurance with the personal touch. We are proud to offer a refreshing alternative to meet your home, motor and other personal insurance needs. Our Consumers & Retails team is solely focused on personal lines. We understand the importance of time sensitivity, active communication, and working with our client to find the best solutions. We can help you insure everything including: HouseholdProperty ownerPersonal liabilityPersonal VehiclePersonal accidentPersonal travel accidentIndividual healthIndividual Critical Illness

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Running and managing a business goes beyond money and needs all your focus on growth and sustainability. When you set up and own a business, you are investing your dreams, years of hard work and savings, and the livelihoods of yourself and your employees. So, when something unfortunate happens such as a fire, injury, or a liability claim against you – the consequences can be devastating. At AMG, we understand when you own a business, you’ll need to be confident about having the right insurance in place to protect your business. Our brokers can offer business insurance package or standalone policy for you and your business and cater for your insurance needs for all industries and business types. When running a business, you’re often exposed to various risks. However, you can take precautionary steps to prevent the worst from happening. A business insurance package can help you to reduce or avoid these losses. Benefits may include: Property/material damageBusiness interruptionPublic liabilityProduct liabilityTheft and loss of moneyBusiness travelCommercial Vehicle

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Schemes & Affinity

Whether your aim is to gain competitive advantage through enhanced customer loyalty and increased retention rates, or for potential revenue generation, AMG will work with you to understand your requirements, and your relationships with your members, customers and supporters, to design and deliver a dynamic, forward thinking and cost-effective affinity insurance solution that fits with your organization seamlessly. At AMG we bring a fresh approach to insurance affinity solutions. We work our solutions to your needs rather than working your needs to our solutions. Drawing upon a mine of knowledge across all sectors and industries, as well as a carefully selected panel of leading insurance companies, we have the credentials to cater to your requirements.

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